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BIDDING: We are your agent, bidding for you with complete confidentiality. Your bid will never be used against you, so bid in accordance with the maximum that you are willing to pay. Your winning bid will be reduced to only 5% over the 2nd. Highest bid but never over your stated amount. The first bid received will win in a tie situation.

ESTIMATES: Each description will end with an estimate. These estimates are helpful to the collector who is not familiar with the item. Estimates are intended to reflect the normal highs and lows at which the item usually would be expected to sell. Most items will sell within these ranges. If you are familiar with the item, the estimate should not influence your bid. Always bid in accordance with the maximum that you are willing to pay for an item.

NOTE: As this is a Silent Auction, we will never reveal any bids or status on any lot.

MULTIPLE PIECES: Unless otherwise noted, all lots are to be bided on a per piece basis. Example: 12 Salad forks (15-25 ea.) Sold for $21 each is $21 x 12=$252 Total. Lots cannot be split. You must bid on all 12 salad forks. Occasionally a lot will be considered a set I.E. : Chantilly 2 pc. Salad Set (150-275 set). If the word set is used after the estimate, then you are bidding one price for the set.

RESULTS: All clients who have made successful bids will be phoned, faxed or emailed within two days following the close date of the auction. We will mail results to all participants in an auction. Payment is to be made no later than 7 days after the close of the auction. Postage and insurance are extra.

GUARANTEE: Our descriptions and conditions are accurate or your money will be promptly refunded, however, this is an auction and you are responsible for your bids. We will note if the piece is monogrammed or the detail is worn.


MINIMUMS: The items offered in this catalog will have a reserve of the low estimate. Example: 1 Whiting Lily berry spoon, 8 long (150-300). The minimum on this lot would be $150.

EXAMPLE OF A REDUCED BID: Your bid is $1000 and the next highest bid is $400. You would pay $420.00.